We have created multiple versions of our award-winning feature documentary, A Plastic Ocean, that can be implemented into a 1 hour workshop or as part of a multi-lesson plan.  Our graphically engaging educational guide, efficiently and effectively introduces the problem of plastic pollution, encourages students, of all learning groups and ages, to rethink plastic and engages students to creatively think of solutions. We are continuing to develop  new short films focusing on solutions with educational curriculum.
Students around the world are learning about our social problems and creatively developing solutions.  Plastic Oceans Canada wants to encourage Canadian Students to be part of this global movement to solve plastic pollution.….We are thrilled to hear from students from every part of the globe about how our A Plastic Ocean educational program inspired them to create change in their communities and schools. 

In our global work with the film, A Plastic Ocean, we reached hundreds of thousands of school children all over the world – throughout 70 countries and in over 17 languages. Our outreach program inspired many, but we also received feedback that the message was often overwhelming and/or too sad for some young students under 12 years old. They either couldn’t relate to the material or couldn’t understand it, or quite simply were depressed by such imagery as seals entangled in nets, dying whales, or plastic debris being pulled from the stomachs of dead sea birds. 

Our wonderful young cast (L to R): Mackenzie, Chyann, Cooper and Armando.

Where the younger audience was concerned, it was clear to us that the negative perspective only instilled fear and limited the capacity to think of alternative actions or ideas to solve our problems.  Therefore, we are taking an approach that focuses on the positive and on simplifying the message – resulting, we hope, in a short film that will be more relatable and better comprehended by a younger audience.

New Youth-Based Short Film

Our team at Plastic Oceans is currently in production on a new short film for kids, aged 5 to 10 years old. We’re not only busy shooting scenes for the film, but also developing an educational supplement to accompany it. Together, the film and supplemental document will provide a powerful new impact program that is designed to empower young viewers as individuals and show them that they do have the ability to create positive change. ……..Through easy-to-follow facts and real-life examples of creating change, we’ll communicate to viewers that there are no actions too small … and no person too young to start making a difference. In short, we all can – and should – be part of the solution to the problem of plastic pollution. 

Without a doubt, A Plastic Ocean carries a powerful message – both the feature-length and the short versions. 
There is indeed a reason that David Attenborough referred to it as one of the most important films of our time!