Grinbrush have developed a smarter more sustainable toothbrush that has a permanent handle with a recyclable plastic head once the *bristles are removed

Grin is the toothbrush of the future: a sleek aluminum handle that  you keep, and replaceable brush heads that you replace when reminded.

The replaceable toothbrush heads use special soft, tapered Nylon that penetrates up to 17% deeper between  teeth and gums for a superior clean that can help prevent gum disease.

Plus, the recyclable* toothbrush heads use ~85% less plastic than normal brands.

Billions of toothbrushes are disposed of each year, ending up in landfill or other natural environments including our oceans. Plastic has now become an extreme hazard to our oceans and our health.

* Simon the founder of Grinbrush says “To recycle your brush head you must first remove the bristles. We’re working on it!”

Support Grin to jointly help us reduce our plastic footprint!