We hope to activate all Canadians to make changes in their own lives therefore creating a movement of change where people take ownership of the plastics they use. We will achieve this through a social impact campaign driven by ambassadors, alongside use of our film material for educational purposes in Schools and Universities and in collaborative projects with like-minded organisations also working to create awareness and drive change.
Through our ongoing campaign to pledge to “rethink” plastic, we will be a central location where all Canadians can come together and take action to end our acceptance of plastic as a risk-free, ‘disposable’ material of convenience and increasing demand for alternatives to single-use plastics.

“Young people – they care. They know that this is the world they will grow up in. That they’re going to spend the rest of their lives in.  They actually believe that the human species has no right to destroy and despoil, regardless.  They feel that very powerfully.   
Sir David Attenborough

Become an Ambassador

Our film, ‘A Plastic Ocean’ has potential to make great contributions to the way viewers begin to engage in behaviourial change in their own lives and families. However, change can’t happen on its own.
Our Ambassador Program utilizes the influence of the under 18’s and supports a core subset to become activists for this issue – going beyond their own homes and motivating others in their schools and communities to “rethink plastic”. 
By working alongside organisations within our partner network in Canada supporting solutions and offering direct action, we are providing our ambassadors with the critical awareness that they are part of a global movement and tools to help them see and feel the effect of their actions locally.
Our ambassadors are helping drive a change in consumer, manufacturer, and retailer behaviour, moving society toward that circular economy for plastics, ensuring plastic to become the product that it was meant to be, enhancing our lives, rather than destroying the future of our children’s lives.
Development of community-specific messaging will further activate Canadians to become the role models in changing the world’s attitude toward plastic.
As a Plastic Oceans Ambassador, students can expect the following opportunities;
  • A Comprehensive downloadable, tool kit with education materials, lesson plans and factsheets to accompany screenings of our feature film, ‘A Plastic Ocean’.
  • An online facilitator workshop offered directly by the Plastic Oceans team to create and Implement campaigns both in schools and within the community.
  • Access to a network of Canadian Partner organisations who are Implementing activities such as shoreline clean-ups, plastic waste reduction programs, advocacy initiatives and other projects across Canada.
  • Campaigns that are tailored both individually or in conjunction with students in other schools. This could be done on a local, National or International level.   
  • Access to materials to document the plastic collected and the option to follow up with the media, the plastic packaging producers and local refuse collectors to focus on the consequences of plastic reaching coasts and waterways.
Join our ambassador program and become an advocate for change.